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Visiting Palestine and wondering what to do? No need to worry, there’s plenty of things to do in Palestine. With Discover Palestine With Locals explore the best the city has to offer from an exclusive selection of unique experiences.


Fall in love with the ancient buildings, fresh falafel, and bustling street life of the old city of Bethlehem. Skip the lines at the city’s iconic sights and savor the richness of Palestinian culture.

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From visiting religious and archaeological site and eating Falafel and plates of Hummus, to enjoying a glass of local wine, or just discovering its amazing culture and people, Palestine has a never-ending pool of attractions for even the most seasoned traveler. If it’s your first time visiting this gorgeous country, visit our blog to know the best things to do in Palestine, tips and information.


For 2000 years the ancient lost city of Shekem was one of Palestine’s most endorsing misteries. It’s origins date back to the Chalcolithic period. During the Middle and Late Bronze age, it stood as the center of the world’s trade route, exporting live stocking gran to the Egyptian Empire and trading with neighboring Canaanite City-States. They excelled in agriculture and trade helped develop the world’s alphabets. Later, the city became home to the ancient Samaritans and was mentioned in both Egyptian text and religious sources as being located between the mountains of Gerizim and Ebal.